Section 09 of the Act bestowed broad and overarching mandate to the Commission which interalia includes:

  1. To hear public petitions / complaints and take suo-moto notices of human rights violations;
  2. To direct or hold Inquires and Investigations in any incident of human rights violation;
  3. To propose, amend or review legislation from human rights perspectives;
  4. To review the factors, including acts of terrorism that inhibit the enjoyment of human rights and recommend appropriate remedial measures;
  5. To study treaties, other international instruments on human rights and reports submitted by the Government of Pakistan on them including the comments thereon, to make recommendations for their effective implementation.
  6. To submit independent reports to the Government on the State of human rights in Pakistan for incorporation in reports to the United Nations’ bodies or committees;
  7. To undertake and promote research in the field of human rights and spread human rights literacy among various sections of society for the promotion and protection of human rights in Pakistan;
  8. To develop a national plan of action for the promotion and protection of human rights in Pakistan;
  9. To establish/declare human rights court at district level for the purpose of speedy trial of offences arising out of violation of human rights.

The Commission is mandated to deal with the armed forces and intelligence agencies on matters related to human rights violations under Section 14 & 15 of the Act.