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Legal Aid Society (LAS)

The Legal Aid Society (LAS) consolidates nearly a decade worth of demonstrated experience in bringing accessible, effective, and expeditious delivery of justice to individuals and communities that need it the most. LAS, a not-for-profit non-governmental organization active since 2013, has embarked on a mission to empower vulnerable individuals and communities to increase their knowledge of the justice system and their ability to access it.

In order to achieve these, LAS works with different actors in the justice system to improve their capacity to address citizens’ grievances and resolve conflicts in a fair and just manner. Combining both these elements, its broader strategy is oriented through a three-fold approach:

  1. Increase Demand for Justice: by mainstreaming awareness and knowledge of fundamental legal rights, procedures, protections, and remedies amongst common users.
  2. Improve the Supply of Justice: by providing support to and enhancing capabilities and skills of key actors in the justice system.
  3. Provide Direct Assistance to end users, gauge legal needs, and employ key insights and evidence-based learnings to catalyze policy reforms.
Our Work & Thematic Areas

In a country where the average citizen cannot adequately access or understand the legal system, LAS’s work is two-fold. We provide knowledge and awareness of the legal system to vulnerable communities, and we work with a range of actors in the justice sector to improve the delivery of just and fair outcomes.

LAS’s guiding philosophy is simple:

 Know the Law, Use the Law, Shape the Law

To that purpose, LAS is actively engaged in the following capacities:

  1. Legal Empowerment and Initiatives (Know the Law)
    1. Sindh Legal Advisory Call Center(SLACC) – in partnership with the Law Department, Government of Sindh
    2. Legal Awareness Clinics
    3. Prisons and Community-Based Paralegal Programs
  2. Legal Aid & Assistance (USE THE LAW)
    1. Direct Legal Assistance To Vulnerable Communities
    2. Network Of Pro Bono Lawyers And Law Firms
  3. Improving The Criminal Justice System (Shape The Law)
    1. Policy Advocacy
    2. Capacity Building Initiatives And Research Projects
    3. Law Schools And Colleges

Our Team here at LAS comprises a versatile mix of public policy practitioners, legal practitioners and experts, research and data specialists, communications specialists, etc. Geographically, the collective experience of our program and technical teams extends across all parts of Pakistan, including Balochistan, South Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan.


Recent Publications

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Sindh: A Quantitative Evaluation of Case Diversion Potential & Community Demand

Identifying Gaps and Challenges in Women’s Acquisition and Access to Social Security Mechanisms and Property

Safeguarding and Enhancing Access to Civil Documentation for Flood-Affected Populations in Sindh: Mapping Study

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