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Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief’s very existence owes to the vision of transforming the lives of the people who are affected by poverty, disasters and extreme circumstances. Amidst the ever-changing scenarios, emergencies and growing needs, we have also adapted over years in terms of innovative programming and long lasting solutions.

Our approach has always been based on the idea that people, who are at the heart of our work, have the right to determine and create their own futures through enhanced skills and abilities. Over the last thirty years, issues of different natures have stormed the country including disasters, increasing poverty, unprecedented climate conditions and above all a pandemic.

Being a leading humanitarian and development actor, IRP carved new pathways, came up with solutions for the country’s most complex issues together with the government of Pakistan at national and provincial levels. Through these partnerships, we reached the most in need across Pakistan. We believe that in the dramatically changing contexts, the quality and effectiveness of partnerships determine the possibilities.

After 2022’s floods, IR Pakistan was among the first ones to reach the flood affected communities across the country. With lifesaving aid, IRP assisted communities in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh. Currently, IRP is leading the recovery and rehabilitation phase in these areas by building climate resilient shelters. Till now, we have reached more than 1.5 million people through humanitarian interventions.

We are tackling the most pressing issues of Pakistan which over the passage of time morphed in to crisis like water, health, climate change, urban poverty and women empowerment. We strongly

believe in the extraordinary potential of the youth of Pakistan which comprise 60 percent of the total population. Following a youth centric approach; we are ensuring that being an invaluable asset, youth has the ability to take the country out of the shallows. Through our work, we are bringing them to the limelight and supporting them to pursue their dreams through education, skills and decision making.

Women are the hardest hit by social issues in Pakistan, we are empowering them more than ever through our efforts aimed at economic liberty and protecting their rights. Our integration approach has massively helped us to touch as many lives as we can with the help of our partners.

During the last three decades, the people of Pakistan allowed us to serve them in the best possible way. Today being known as the most trusted and reliable name in the sector, we are well aware of the climate migration happening in Sindh and Balochistan, challenges being faced by the habitants of the newly merged tribal districts, mushroom growth of poverty stricken urban slums and the downtrodden communities of Azad Jammu & Kashmir being affected by various deep-rooted issues.

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