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December 15, 2015
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Investigation of Kasur Child Abuse Incident

In July 2015, international and local media reported the Kasur Scandal which brought the issue of child sexual abuse and exploitation to the forefront of national discourse. It was alleged that children of village Hussain Khan Wala of District Kasur were sexually abused at large scale for a long time and law enforcing agencies showed inaptitude and failed to take cognizance of this horrific large scale abuse which amounted not only to criminal negligence rather it was connivance.
Considering the nature of the incident and relying on the media reports, the Commission took suo-moto notice under Section 9 of the Act and expressed its concerns and strongly condemned the reported incident, where the victims were children in their adolescence and constituted a fact finding committee of the Commission to ascertain facts and investigate the matter.

Impact of the Report:

The Committee submitted its fact finding report to the Commission in September 2015 which was made public in October 2015. Excellency the Prime Minister of Pakistan took notice of the report, endorsed the recommendations reflected in the report and directed all concerned departments to implement them in letter and spirit.
The Fact finding report was also discussed in the Functional Committee on Human Rights of the Honourable Senate on March 2nd 2016 which led to the adoption of Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2016 by the Committee. The law, sooner be presented in the Senate, criminalizes child trafficking, child pornography, prostitution and cruelty to child as recommended by the report.


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