Considering the nature of the incident and relying on Media reports, the Commission took suo-moto notice of recurring deaths of children in Tharparker in December 2015 and inquired about the incident from all concerned provincial departments. Additionally, the Commission constituted a fact finding committee headed by the Chairman himself to ascertain facts and investigate the matter. The Committee visited Tharparker on 8th – 13th March 2016. During thefive days fact finding mission the Committee held meetings with the representatives of civil society organizations, victims and their families, provincial and district governments which includes a detailed meeting on the issue with the Provincial coordinator on Thar Senator Taj Haider, the Bar Associations, local Press Club, Sindh Press Club Karachi, members of the union councils of Thar, member of the Provincial Assembly of Thar . The Committee visited various hospitals sites and recorded the statements of victims and inhabitants to be reflected in its comprehensive fact finding report. The report will be published soon and will also be laid before the Parliament and submitted to the Federal and Provincial governments for curative measures.
Additionally, the Commission has published following reports on various human rights issuses during FY 2015-16 and FY 2016-17 (till date).

  • Forced Ouster of Tenants of Okara Farms
  • Misused of Balsphemy Laws in Pakistan
  • Human Rights and Health Services in ICT
  • Exploitative Trade on Human Organs in Pakistan
  • Towards Implementation of International Core Human Rights Conventions