Working with CSO's

The National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) recognises the vital role played by civil society organisations (CSOs) in advancing human rights, social justice, and equality. By fostering partnerships with CSOs dedicated to various causes we strengthen the fabric of human rights advocacy. As a state-mandated body independent of government, NCHR acts as a bridge between civil society and the state, embodying the principles outlined in the Paris Principles. Our commitment to cooperative work extends to informing about the role of National Human Rights Institutes (NHRIs), identifying areas for collaboration, and facilitating information exchange. By collaborating with CSOs, NCHR leverages diverse expertise, increases capacity, and promotes awareness of human rights issues. By engaging with various civil society actors, we contribute to informed decision-making processes, providing governments and other state bodies with comprehensive insights and recommendations on human rights issues.

Aurat Foundation

Digital Rights Foundation



Legal Aid Society

Justice Project Pakistan

Hisaar Foundation

Islamic Relief Pakistan

International Organization for Migration

Educational & Youth Empowerment Society

Karachi Football Foundation Trust

Krishma Ali Foundation

Taskeen Health Initiative, Karachi

Pakistan Partnership Initiative

Society for Relief & Development

United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Population Fund


Taraqee Foundation

Dar-ul-Amal Welfare Organization

Women Lead Alliance Balochistan


Breaking Barriers Women

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